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Working closely with communities in rural central Tanzania to establish and sustain:
Water Resources, Agriculture & Forestry Development, Education, Health and Nutritian

That is VERY wonderful as that includes all of the high fee private schools in Dodoma and all of the Church run schools.  It was also #840 nationally out of 16,657 Primary Schools.  We know that dedication is applied to the dollar! That is a precious commodity in these days!

At Prince of Peace class size is moderate, about 25 students per class, enabling the teacher to know and to teach the ‘child’ effectively. We teach to the Tanzania National Curriculum. This enables a student to progress effectively in the secondary and high school education curriculum. We are able to add to the curriculum elements which enhance the educational experience of the students.  State run primary schools are taught in Swahili while our students are taught in English.  This gives our students an advantage because higher level education in Tanzania is also taught in English

When our students complete Standard VII they have the opportunity to attend the local secondary school, adjacent to Prince of Peace, or to attend the Anglican Church Secondary and High School at Mvumi Mission, about nine kilometres to the east. Here we lay the foundation for a positive and fulfilling future.

Welcome to our smiling school. The children are happy! They are loved by the staff, enjoy a sense of achievement as they move from year to year, and receive food for the day! It is like a dream come true for the children and the staff.  The total annual cost of tuition at the school is 440,000/= per student, or $202-usd, which is based on the $60,000 annual cost of operations divided by 300 Students. 

The economic realities of the immediate region make it most difficult for many of our families to reach that target. Yet, this is where God has placed us, to tend the Tree which He has planted. The minimum tuition target for our households is 250,000/= or $115-usd.  Parents who cannot afford that, who are able to work, are encouraged to work at Amani to earn and receive credit for the minimum tuition. 
All but two of the teachers at Prince of Peace have been young adults, selected from the surrounding communities, and sponsored through Teacher Training Institutions by the Amani Organization.  The students and the teachers are worthy of support.  The results of the National Standard IV examination for 2015 showed POP the top school again in our Chamwino District, out of 200 schools.  POP was #14 out of 750 schools in the Dodoma Regional Area.
The Students and Staff of the Prince of Peace Pre and Primary School thank you for reading through this document.

Please Click the following link to see how you can change a life by sponsoring a student at Prince of Peace.

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Why do we conduct the Prince of Peace School?

  • In third world cultures the needs of children are much the same the world over.
  • Education is the primary tool for breaking the cycle of poverty.
  • We have seen how Water and Education are the basics for developing a sustainable life.
  • The clean water from a well impacts the life of an entire community.
  • The life of one educated young adult has a positive impact upon the life of the wider family circle.
  • Educate several hundred young people and entire communities are blessed.


The principle of Transformation is at the heart of the presence
of the Amani Development Organization in this Central Region
of Tanzania. This is a semi arid region. Life is hard for most of
the village people.

  • Clean and sufficient water, provided from wells developed by Amani, has blessed entire communities.
  • Through individual sponsorships many children and young people have been enabled to escape the cycle of poverty, and now live productive and self sufficient lives. They are now able to assist with the education of their siblings.
  • It is the ‘pebble in the pond’ effect. The ripples spread in all directions.
  • Imagine the ‘ripple effect’ of the education of 320 youngsters in the villages of this region! Of course, that number is magnified, year by year.
  • Most of the teachers at Prince of Peace School have been sponsored through their professional training by Amani! The school, in 2015, achieved a grading of #14 out of 750 primary schools in our region!



A sponsorship is a wonderfully positive investment in the life of a child. It also blesses the family; and that child, when education is completed, will become an agent of transformation in the life of this nation. Young people, sponsored through Amani, are now: Teachers, Village Clinic Doctors, Laboratory Assistants, Nurses, Accountants, Secretaries, Catechists, Pastors, Community Development Officials and Agricultural Officers. This is God’s Ripple Effect! We ask you to ‘drop a pebble in the pond’ which is the Prince of Peace School.

Prince of Peace English Medium School
Our sponsorship Program enables at least one child per household to receive an excellent education, and so break the cycle of poverty for that family. This student becomes the ‘pebble in the pond’.