The Amani Development Organization (formerly Amani Development Trust),  The Amani for Africa USA Foundation and The Hearts for Africa Foundations are all non-profit Organizations.

  Amani for Africa USA Foundation
             P.O. Box 22612
      Billings, MT 59104-2612
     Checks made out to:
  Amani for Africa USA Foundation
       Tax ID #20-3277651 for Gifts
The Hearts for Africa Foundation
             P.O. Box 593
           ASHGROVE 4060
    Checks made out to:
    The Hearts for Africa Fund
Tax deductible donations to support the Amani Development Organization may
be made by check to the following or by Credit Card using the "Donate" button:
Amani Care for Africa

Working closely with communities in rural central Tanzania to establish and sustain:
Water Resources, Agriculture & Forestry Development, Education, Health and Nutritian
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