Children of Peace Preschools
(St. John’s, Igondola; St. Andrew’s, Makang’wa; St. John’s, Chiwona)

St. John’s Igondola Prechool – Children of Peace.
Concrete floor for the large Assembly/Activity Hall. $820.00
The building will receive greatly increased use from the beginning of 2021.
Use: preschool activities; a dining hall for children and seminars; used as a male dorm for larger seminars.

St. Andrew’s Preschool – COP.
A need to complete the partly constructed office/classroom building.  $1,200.00.

For both Preschools. Funds to continue development of the Pig Project @ $20.00 per pig. The project is designed to enable the Preschool to become financially independent. There is still  a way to go. Currently we need a further sixty weaned pigs.

Amani Development Organization Wish List

Posted November 2020
For more information contact Fr. John Naumann

The Amani Development Center

Dairy Project Milk Room - $2,500.00 for adequate milk/utensil preparation/storage for Dairy Project.
Important for milk preparation, sales, hygiene, storage of equipment.
Also most important in relation to our Agricultural College/Student work.

Electric Bench Grinder for tool maintenance.  $80.00

Amani Center Solar Powered Security Lights @ $151.00USD each
We need a total of ten light units to provide for the main areas of activity. For economic efficiency we need at least three per gift. Each light is sited on a high pole, safe from interference.

Six Aluminum Frame Windows for an unfinished house at the Center @ 152.00 per window.

Finance to send Abel Petro to Arusha to obtain chemicals to make termite traps for the grape/building areas. Death is not instant! The termites carry the chemical to the nest, killing the breeding center. $210.00.

Recently Funded:  Thank you so much for your support!


$2,000 - Wilfred Makalanzi – Evangelist This gift is completed in 2021.

$175.00 to complete the renovation of the South far, area Security House.

$1,500.00 - A strong motor bike – for the new south grape area.r economic staff travel in the immediate region.

$950.00 Funding for the new water line.

Special Gift of for the provision of a strong three wheeler for VIMECHIA.

$36,450 - VIMECHIA – Generous gifts of to finance this ministry through 2020.

$900.00 to replace unsafe louvre windows in the POP Dining Hall/Kitchen with aluminum frame windows.

$1,850.00 Three Wheeler for transport at VIMECHIA.

$2,200.00  for Block Making Project.

$600.00 to complete the reception/Office area.

$1,100 to complete the Teacher’s Commons.

$14,000 – Finish Guest House
Summer 2014 Funded with gifts from USA and Australia

$4,210 - Complete the Center Workshop
Summer 2013 Funded with gifts from USA

$1,500 – New Bathroom in Main House
Summer 2013 Funded with gifts from USA

$300 - For six different varieties of table grape plants
Funded in 2012 through Australian and USA support

$660 - For Student Desks
Funded in 2012 through Australian Support
These are for a new classroom completed this year

$460 - For four Preschool Classroom activity tables
Funded in 2012 through Australian Support

$5,000 - Makang’wa Village Water project
To be completed early 2012 - Pledge & donations from Southport Rotary Club, Queensland, Australia

$800 - For termite proof posts and wire for the Children of Peace.
Summer 2011 Funded with gifts from USA and Australia

$5,100 (A$6,375) - To complete the partly constructed two classroom building
November '09 - $2,581 donated from folks at peace Lutheran, Billings
Spring 2011 Funded through donation from USA

$2,900 (A$3,625) - In-ground water tank at the Main House/Office
January '11 Funded through gifts from Montana
This will be a great asset as presently our storage capacity is very limited.

$17,000 (A$21,250) - A medium sized and sturdy truck
November '10 Funded through gift from Australia
The present Toyota (which we use like a small truck) is ‘wearing’ and is unsuitable for the present demands. It is my personal vehicle. At present ADO does not own its own vehicle.

$1,800 (A$2,250) - Needed for the purchase of roofing materials
November '10 Funding completed through gifts from St. John's Emigrant, Montana
Maumi is a very "traditional" village about 25 km south of the Amani Center.  We are partnering with the village in providing their first adequate school building.  Head people have "baked" bricks and collected rock and sand.

$3,000 (A$3,750) - Maumi Promary School Roof
November '10 Funding completed through gifts from St. John's Emigrant, Montana
The rains are predicted to arrive early this year and to be ‘plentiful’. Already there are heavy rains in the far west. The building is larger than at first planned – two large classrooms and a teachers’ office and store. If this ‘grabs you’ please make a gift towards the completion of this project – this great mission.

$1,000 (A$1,200)  Water line and all connections to the Makang’wa Primary School
July '10 Funded through funds raised at the World Water Day celebration in Billihgs, Montana
This will greatly improve both attendance (presently children must bring water) and also hygiene at the school.

$6,000 (A$7,200)  To complete the Women’s Unit at Makang’wa Village Clinic
August '10 Funded through gifts from Australia
Amani has sponsored the construction costs to the present stage – walls and roof. Drought and food scarcity have prevented the village community from moving ahead with this work. This funding will bring the building to completion and also provide some basic furnishings.

$9,000 (A$11,250) - To construct a new Toilet/Bath building
Currently the initial ‘pit’ has been dug and blocked in. When this and the above mentioned buildings are completed we shall be able to use the buildings for weekend Seminars and youth/young adult gatherings. August '10 Funded through gifts from Australia

$1,000 (A$1,250) - Staff/Guest House at the South Gate
August '10 Funded through gift from Australia

$3,418 (A$4,272) – To complete the Shelter/Food Hall (urgent need)
November '09 Funded through existing funds from Montana

$2,300 (A$2,875) - Needed to complete the Grain Mill Building
November '09 Funded through gift from Montana individual
The Grain Mill proceeds will support the care of the Children of Peace and the Student Tuition Program.

$1,100 (A$1,375) - The Guest House near the Main House
November '09 Funded by gifts during Fr. John's visit to Montana
Rain water guttering & 3,000ltr tank. This building is beginning to get regular use. We hope to have this work completed as soon as possible.

$1,200 (A$1,500) - Basic Furnishings for the Staff/Guest House
November '09 Funded by gifts from folks in Makang'wa

$6,000 + $1,300 (A$1,625) - Amount remaining for Oil Seed Processing Plant
December ’08 - $6,000 individual gift from Montana
August ’09 $1,300 from USA.
Construction completed and $1,300 needed to cover the cost of building addition to the house for the diesel engine and the oil press.

$4,300 + $700 (A$875) - Second Class Room at Igondola Children’s Project
December ‘08 - $4,300 funded from Australia
April ’09 - $700 Funded through USA.
Since this will eventually develop into a Primary School, the main structure must be well built and Fr. John would prefer cement block.  $700 needed for paint, rain water guttering, finishing timber for windows and door.

$2,200 (A$2,750) – In ground Water Tank for Igondola Children’s Project
June ’09 Funded by gifts from Australia

$780 (A$975) - The House at the South Gate
June ’09 – Funded with gifts from Australia

$1,700 (A$2,125) - Solar Power for house and Oil Seed Processing Plant
June ’09 – Funded with gifts from Australia
Solar power will cost $1,700 and will provide security lighting for the adjacent Oil Seed Processing Plant.  Within 12 months this house will become the Amani guest house, available for use by paying guests.  There is a great need for this facility in this region.

$1,600 (A$2,000) - The Guest House near the Main House
June ’09 – Funded with gifts from Australia
Guest House for ‘visitors’ and volunteers. There is not a lot to do to finish it out now: finish the bathroom (mostly Tiling) and then repaint the interior. Est. $600.00. (Tiles, grout, paint and brushes. Wages for the tiler.) When this is completed there will be a need for some basic furniture.: Table, 4 chairs, Kitchen Cabinet, 2 white plastic chairs,  2 small tables, 2 beds & mattresses. I could see how far $1,000.00 will go for this.

$3,700 (A$4,625) - Teacher's Office and Store
December ’08 - Funded with contributions from Australia.
(This building is what we call ‘improved GoGo’’ Using basically local buildings methods, together with cement, treated timber and iron we get a sound building at greatly reduced cost.  Fr. John would prefer cement block which would require an additional $1,500 for materials.

$1,700 (A$2,125) Small trailer with a 5,000ltr water tank
October ’08 - $700 funded with individual contributions from Montana supporter.
November '08 - Remainder funded through various gifts.
The tank is in 'compartments' so that water is easily carried. It would be VERY useful to us here at the Center, for the building work at Makulu - and also to assist the local communities with their water needs. For example, if we had this when the Makulu Pump failed it would have been easy to get water to them.  It will also be almost indispensible for the Tree planting program.

$2,920 (A$3,650) - 3 Bottom Disc Plough
November '08 - Fully funded by Montana contribution. 

$13,000 (A$16,250) - Water Line from well to Makang’wa Village
$5,000 (A$6,250) – Two Water Tanks at delivery points
October ’08 - $3,810 funded with contributions from the 2007 Walk for Water event.
November '08 - $12,500 funded by Montana contribution.
This is an urgent need. The villagers have already dug the trench – in anticipation! We ‘may’ also need to erect an elevated water tank at the village center, beside the ground level smaller tank at the Clinic. The two tanks would add an additional $2,500 each to the cost.  In terms of ‘project’ for Amani for Africa USA I see this as the primary matter.

$5,000 (A$6,250) – Heavy Duty Trailer for Tractor
September ’08 - Funded through gift from Australia

$1,660 (A$2,075) - 150 meters 2" Poly Pipe and equipment for water project
August '08 - Funded with World Water Day (WWD Video) related contributions. 
The windmill at the Amani Center has been financed but this additional amount is needed for connecting two tanks 300 meters from the well to the present in-ground water distribution system. I need to get water to the two western grape areas – older vineyards – which we have restored and now look fine following installing new support lines and a properly conducted pruning.  Presently it will be a very long task to water by hand – bucket by bucket. However we have water lined adjacent to these areas and it will not take very much to get water directly into each section.

$700 (A$875) - Purchase land along the river adjoining our land. 
July '08 - A Montana individual made a donation of $700 for the purchase.
The water table is at about twenty feet and will be excellent for Bananas and Paipai (Pawpaw). It is part of our efforts towards a great degree of local self sufficiency.  Income will be devoted to the support of the children at Igondola Children’s Project.

$1,000 (A$1,250) - Teachers Training College Scholarship
June '08 - Wings of Hope Lutheran ministry in Billings Heights sent $1,000.00
Sponsorship for Doris Jackson, a wonderful young woman who is entering Teachers Training College at Singida. Doris is beautiful in every way and is an orphan so her achievements are a great credit to her.

$12,000 (A$15,000) - The Makulu water project
May '08 - This was covered by a grant from the 'Kitchen Table Charities Trust'  in England. 
The workers have connected the first elevated 10,000ltr tank to the windmill. They said it filled quickly and is now overflowing through its outlet. They will have the second one completed soon. The people at Mvumi Makulu are very excied about this new source of water.

$29,786 (A$37,232) - For purchase of Tractor and Offset Disc Harrow
May '08 - Gifts from individuals of $10,000 from Brisbane, Australia and $18,000 from Montana.
Provided funds to proceed with the purchase of a tractor and trailer. 

Amani Care for Africa

Working closely with communities in rural central Tanzania to establish and sustain:
Water Resources, Agriculture & Forestry Development, Education, Health and Nutritian
Prince of Peace English Medium Pre and Primary School

Urgent need for solar powered security lights @ $151.00USD each.
Preschool need- two lights.
Primary School- five lights
Water Well/ Male Teacher Accommodation – two lights.

Outdoor activity equipment for the Preschool.  $850.00

Install further aluminium frame classroom windows @ $360.00 per classroom. There are eight rooms.

General building maintenance/painting, some fascia board replacement. $800.00 per building (Four buildings)


Solar powered security lights. Four are required at $151.00USD each.

Three Double Deck Bunk Beds – iron construction - @ $210 each.
Six mattresses @ $35.00 each.
Sheets and pillows for six beds @ $14.00 per bed. Total $84.00.

Contribution to seasonal Farm/Vegetable development.
This is an immediate need – November 2020.
Seed for 20 acres -     $550.00
Tractor Hire                 $275.00
Planting Costs                $95.00
1st/2nd weeding/care $320.00

This represents one half of the total seasonal cost, including fertilizer, pesticides, and all costs of harvesting. VIMECHIA will meet those expenses.